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Patient Resources

We are here to help.

Peer Support

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We have a volunteer Peer Support Team that can help at no cost to you. Do you need emotional support right now?  We have a team ready to provide support.  A Peer Support Volunteer may be contacted by clicking here.

Mental Health and Guidance

Contact Tracing

Are you interested in helping stop Coronavirus? Our team of “contact tracers” are here to monitor you through the isolation period and also to help you to recall everyone with whom you have had close contact during the timeframe while you may have been infectious.

Reach to a Contact Tracer

Plasma Donation

Now that your body has fought Coronavirus, a blood donation from you can save the lives of three people currently fighting the disease. The antibodies that your body created can help these three people fight and recover like you did. Currently, there are many members in the community who have been hospitalized with this virus and need your help!

If you have been symptom-free for the last 14 days, you are eligible to donate your plasma at no cost to you.

Donate Plasma

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